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About Gebni

Gebni is food app offering restaurant delivery & takeout with smart prices to save you money. Our app was built for those who enjoy the convenience of ordering their favorite meals for pickup or delivery through the push of a button without breaking the bank. If you find yourself going through your inbox desperately looking for promo codes then Gebni's for you. With our smart menu prices, you get to automate your savings by always paying fair prices that reflect real time demand for your chosen meals. You'll pay lower prices for your favorite poke bowl, salad or burrito if at the moment of your order demand for those items isn't high enough.

The catch?

There really isn't any because you also never pay more than the regular price when demand is high. Download the Gebni app and automate your savings with smart prices!

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Restaurants offering smart prices

  • Al Horno

    Your favorite Mexican food just got more affordable

  • Bareburger

    Grassfed awesomeness with a side of smart prices

  • Mughlai Indian

    NYC's best Tikka Masala just recieved a smart upgrade

  • Rosella's Pizzeria

    Cheese savings topped with pizza, to go please!

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